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Engaging the top Venture investors in the world to early stage ventures affiliated with Southern California’s best universities

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To equip USC founders with the connections, resources, and insights that will take their product and business to the next level, while simultaneously engaging venture investors to this developing ecosystem. Thus, creating a new foundation for the USC entrepreneurial experience which extends past our campus borders.


Connect our founders to the nation’s top venture investors and industry professionals.

Engage our founders with valuable and unique insights on strategy, product development, business modeling, marketing, fundraising, storytelling, acquiring and keeping users, recruiting, and more.

Propel the USC entrepreneurial scene by increasing the access to capital, providing unique educational resources, and offering an incredible support system, ultimately increasing founders probability for success.





Connect venture investors and top USC founders, emphasizing how the founder came across the problem, solution, and vision.

Engage venture investors with progress updates from their favorite USC startups and the opportunity to strengthen the ecosystem by giving valuable feedback.

Propel venture capital outcomes by increasing deal flow, expanding the network, and never missing out on top USC entrepreneurs.

Why Wayve?

With companies like SnapChat, SpaceX, and TrueCar, Los Angeles has been recognized as not only one of the best, but also one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the world. The pieces are there – capital, talent across all fields, proven entrepreneurs, venture investors, and a great University scene. With institutions such as USC pumping young entrepreneurial talent and early stage startups into the ecosystem, we believe it is incredibly important to connect these early stage founders to successful operational executives, entrepreneurs, and investors early in their development.

Our team consists of top USC students who have built relationships with leading VC firms, angel networks, fundraising platforms, student orgs, and USC entrepreneurial programs. We have seen first hand how facilitating connections, delivering educational resources, and showcasing startups has contributed heavily to the development of our campus startups and we believe it is time to take a step forward and bring what Los Angeles tech has to offer to the campus community. A culture of connectivity, knowledge sharing, and risk taking through early stage investing into USC’s ecosystem will not only produce stronger Los Angeles startups, but also strengthen the entire LA tech community. It’s time to grow stronger together. A New Wayve Innovation.


We are currently in the age of information, while diving into a digital world. Due to the internet, web, and smartphones, there has never been a time where we were more connected. This fact has opened gateway to a new world of innovation, where value can now be delivered seamlessly. Therefore, we look to support early staged technology driven businesses who deliver to the world understanding through information technology, effectiveness through artificial intelligence, heighten consumer experiences through products, and increase connectivity by building outstanding network effects. These areas include: SaaS, VR/AR, digital health & media, ecommerce, AI/ML, consumer tech, and more.



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